Question by  mtnsnake (10)

How do I go about writing endnotes in MLA style?

My paper is due next week.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

The MLA style traditionally changes from year to year, so you should really check online for the most recent style guide. Usually, the authors last name is listed first, or the title if no author is available.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

It is pretty simple, but I would go to the OWL at Purdue website for helping. Just type that in a search engine. It is a complete guide to MLA.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well you just need to add or insert a number and then at the bottom of the page you want to include the information of the source that you are quoting. For a detailed style of writing end notes you might want to visit the university of purdue website for MLA style.

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