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Question by  CaliCatGirl (23)

How do you do spiked hair styles?

I love the hair styles but don't know how to create them.


Answer by  Mydnight (111)

Try using a hair cement rather than a hair gel or spray. Simply rub the cement in your hands to warm it up, then pull through hair.


Answer by  carm3llo (55)

Spiked hair styles are usually best for short hair. Spiked hairstyles can be created by purchasing a molding hair "glue" or gel and putting a little bit of the glue/gel between the fingers while working about an inch of the hair into a small pyramid.


Answer by  dtalk (428)

If you want to use a spiked hair style, use any brand of hair gel. The gel dries and keeps your hair in the position you leave it in. It washes off easily.


Answer by  hpowers1990 (81)

Spiked hairstyles are quite easy to do if you have good gel. For example for a boy's hairstyle, run fingers through hair with a dollop of gel.

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