Question by  kristina98 (6)

What are good styles of bridesmaid dresses in lilac?

Lilac is my accent color for the wedding, and I want a dress style thats compliments the color.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

Dresses for these occasions are always better plain. A well-cut dress that flatters the wearer but isn't too ornate is best for all sizes.


Answer by  MondoTeeno (12)

A delicate color such as lilac should always be treated so. Consider lighter fabrics and subtle accents of white to bring out its femininity without looking too youthful and immature. A satin fabric is always a good standby, but velveteen can create a gentle approach. A form-fitting fishtail cut will allow the color to appear mature but flatter most shapes.


Answer by  ilaria (9)

lilac is a very romantic and girly colour, so the style of the dress should be anything that does not scream ''too-sweet'' because it would give a result of a candy teresting cut or a unusual detail will work. avoide ruffles, bows or anything similar so you can avoide the overly cute effect.


Answer by  Aurora94 (20)

The style of the dress will determine more about how the dress looks then the color. Find a style that looks good and the color will look good too.

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