Question by  jmo81rn (36)

What is the right way to care for a calla lily?

I need proper calla lily care.


Answer by  bezerkers (29)

Originally found in tropical marshlands, thus it is a very thirsty plant. Must water and it will not do well if not watered. Thus, either water regularly or plant somewhere that receives a lot of water. Further, to bloom all year long you will need to have bi-monthly feeding.


Answer by  FalonMarie (13)

Calla lilies are from a very moist environment. They require watering often. The calla lily will grow best if its nutrition is supplemented twice a month. If you are going to plant the calla lily in a pot you will need to change the soil once a year.


Answer by  Vil (117)

Calla Lilies require a lot of water. Feeding the plant bi-monthly will allow it to grow all year. If you have your Calla Lily in a pot, you need to replant it every year.


Answer by  Anonymous

Keep these flowers in a nice and warm environment. Water them regularly.


Answer by  bludenim (17)

Callas like a bright warm setting. If growing them in the ground, plant the rhizomes 2 inches apart and five inches deep with the right combination of moisture and light for your particular climate. In hotter climates they will tolerate and even appreciate a lot of shade.

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