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Question by  aaa (19)

How do I go about breaking a cat to kitty litter?

My cats do no seem interested in kitty litter.


Answer by  Fairynightstar (26)

if they are younger cats, leave them in the room with the litter box for a few hours! but not all day, cats are very clean animals and will not use the litter box in the same place they eat and sleep. If older try changing the litter. Hope this helps


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

If you have another cat in your household that is the easiest way for your kitty to learn to use the litter box. If not, when your cat relieves itself inappropriatly, immeadiately pick them up and take them to the litter box to show them that is where they are supposed to use the bathroom.


Answer by  lisak (52)

I have found that you just have to keep putting them in the litterbox and encourage them. If your cat doesn't like the litter your using, try another kind.


Answer by  sarah37 (39)

I always use to take my cat and walk him or her to the litter box and put them in, grab there paw and make them dig and then push there butt down on the hole and make they burry it. Thats always worked for me.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

Most cats will want to relieve themselves in there so that they can cover up the remains. I would try and see where the cat is relieving itself and try to put the litter box there.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Most cats will use a litter box if it is kept clean. Some cats are particular about the brand or type of kitty litter. Try some alternatives.

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