Question by  Kat76 (475)

Will kitty litter get rid of the smell where an above ground pool was sitting?

I've heard kitty litter is a good deodorizer.


Answer by  cannonball (111)

Yes, kitty litter can get rid of a lot of smells on cement, brick or soil, including the area where an above ground pool was sitting, gasoline, vomit, as well as beer and blood.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Yes, kitty litter works alright as a deodorizer. You could also try dumping coffee grounds, or planting some strong smelling plants, such as pine trees, jasmine, roses, or another plant that grows well in your area.


Answer by  Ozzy (44)

If it's a good-quality litter, then maybe. The main deodorizing ingredient in most cat litters, though, is baking soda. There's a good reason why it sits in the back of a lot of people's refrigerators. I've used it successfully in getting rid of odors in rugs, couches, dorm room mattresses, and moldy dishes.


Answer by  vero (22)

Clumpable Kitty Litter absorbs the moisture, which includes bacteria and the smell. After the moisture absorbs into the litter you scoop it away. Kitty Litter can be used to sweep into the stained area allowing for it to further remove the stain and odor. Baking soda does this trick as well but it is not as easy to scoop up.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It should work it gets the smell out of everything else. Was your pool on the ground? If so rake the grass away first and then the kitty litter.


Answer by  traceytracey (33)

Kitty litter is a good absorbent, so if the area is wet it will absorb moisture and leave a fresh scent. The best method is to scatter cedar mulch on the area, which will also keep the mosquito population away!

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