Question by  colleene (3)

How do I get rid of bugs on corn stalks?


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Snail bait helps. Replenish this after each rain. You cansecure ears with a tie just where the silk starts to stop burrowing insects. If you have problems with slugs, sprinkle moth crystals around plants. Organic sprays such as a combination of chipped garlic, onions, and pepper soaked overnight help.


Answer by  mathanraj (0)

* Keep Blue Jays from stealing your corn by putting inflated bicycle inner tubes around corn stalks. The birds will think the inner tube is a snake and won`t bother with your corn. * Drape berry bushes with an old lightweight fishing net to keep the birds from eating the fruit.


Answer by  Mary85 (15)

Sprinkle Grden with Moth Crystals this will rid of pests without using unsafe chemicals also try spraying stalks with soapy wateralso try sprinkling garden with cornmeal which the bugs cannot digest which then kills them. growing corn indoors is also an option


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

Caterpillars are highly destructive insects. To organically control caterpillars, inspect your corn plants looking for FOLDED LEAVES that have been cut partway across the leaf. Nearly 100% of the time that you find this, you will find a caterpillar inside the fold. Unfold the leaf and remove the caterpillar.

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