Question by  raneil (24)

How do I prevent bugs in my sugar?

i can't seem to get rid of the bugs.


Answer by  worker6738 (55)

Do not store large quantities of sugar and ensure that it is stored in an air-tight container. Ensure that spills are quickly cleaned up and vacuum shelves thoroughly. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum pouch outside of the house to prevent the bugs from returning


Answer by  worker8121 (244)

Throw out all the contaminated sugar then keep the new sugar in an air tight container. You can also use traps appropriate for your insect. A trick to keep ants out is to place your air/water tight container on a dish of shallow water this will drown any ants trying to get to the sugar.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

If you seem to be prone to these bugs, the best thing to do is make sure that every grain product is kept in airtight containers in your pantry or cabinet. Also, you may want to think about keeping your sugar and flour in your freezer for extra protection.


Answer by  AppleSauce (140)

Try placing your bag of sugar in the refrigerator. The cold will kill any bugs that try to get at it. All you have to deal with is cold sugar.

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