Question by  Clement (1453)

How do I get my jasmine plants to flower?


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Full sun half of the day is recommended. Weed often and pinch ends of the stems off a couple times a month to encourage fullness. Fertilize in spring and fall. Water daily during warm weather. Flowering occurs in spring or summer approximately six months after planting. Very fragrant flowers.


Answer by  worker4494 (28)

I like this question. We have jasmine plant in our house. Good sunlight is needed. If there is shade never expect flowers. Apply natural manure like cow dung.


Answer by  seobro (33)

Jasmine needs bright sunshine - over ten hours per day and moist soil. This is because Jasmine is a swamp lover it needs lots of water to flower. Use fertilizer with lots of phosphorous. It does not tolerate dry soil. To get it to flower, water it every day.


Answer by  worker7127 (69)

To ensure that your jasmine plants flower, expose them to lots of bright light (but not the direct mid-day sunlight), keep at 60-75 degrees in well circulated air, and water thoroughly when the soil that is about a half inch down becomes dry.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Jasmine likes lots of light, but protect it from the hottest sun at midday. Jasmine flowers best when it is potbound. Jasmine blooms best when it is very contained.

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