Question by  Ricky77 (8)

How do I get my cd/car stereo repaired?

It's a Pioneer.


Answer by  odp85 (52)

Depends on where and how you got it and how old it is. If you bought it together with the car and you still have warranty on it, take it back to the car dealer. Same if you bought it separately at the shop. If you have got no more warranty, bring it to a licensed Pioneer shop.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If your car stereo does not work and you need to get it repaired you must find an authorized service dealer for your particular brand of stereo. When you go to the service shop they will pull the stereo out of the dashboard and give yo an estimate to fix it. When they are done they will replace it working.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

he could be pioneer or something else , you should go with it from the place you bought it and request to be repaired because you payed big money on it

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