Question by  BenJenkins (16)

How do I fix a toilet bowl that makes loud flushing noises?


Answer by  dhd (93)

It may be that your shutoff valve is not fully open. If this isn't the case, the fill valve for the toilet may be worn or defective.


Answer by  Camy (162)

Check ballcock/fill valve on the toilet, it could be going bad. The sound is then picked up by the pipes. Shut off the water and pull up the float ball, rod and plunger assembly. Turn over the rubber washer. Flush out the supply line and reassembly ballcock and plunger assembly.


Answer by  TheRealPlumber (249)

Loud flushing will be caused by the old type flush valve with an arm and ball float. Replace it with a new type Fluidmaster 400 for quiet flushing.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Most likely the problem is the fillvalve. To fix it turn of the valve to your toilet that supplies water. If running your faucets at that time does not cause noise then all you have to do is purchase another fillvalve and install and the problem should be fixed.

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