Question by  Gaurav (94)

How do I fix a boat that leaks water?


Answer by  wendi5000 (7)

First, determine where the boat is leaking. Then, using either fiberglass resin or wood fill, depending on what type of material your boat is made of, fill in the hole or crack that is causing the leak. Smooth or sand the patch, and finish with paint or sealer.


Answer by  Eric6566 (115)

If you have an aluminum boat, your leak is probably at a rivet. You can patch the leak with aluminum brazing rods and a propane torch - Basically by welding. A leak in a fiberglass boat can be fixed with epoxy and a hardening agent. You can buy a fiberglass kit that has these.


Answer by  NikScheid (21)

Many aluminum boats leak water in the rivets. If you spring a leak you should see an aluminum welder to fix the problem.

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