Question by  e80 (69)

How do I find the value of old train sets?

I have several old train sets that I want to sell.


Answer by  carryvan (148)

The first step in finding the value of anything old is to do some extensive research on the internet; you will usually find most of the information you need here. If you cannot find any information of your product, consider taking the item to an antique dealer or appraiser. Keep in mind appraisers will charge you a small fee.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Old Lionel train sets can sell from the hundreds all the way to the tens of thousands of dollars. The company was founded in 1900 and early models are expensive.


Answer by  CBerti (43)

You should find a local hobby shop that sells trains and take them in and get them appraised, they will be able to give you a ball park figure.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

There are guides with prices or you can go to a local antiques dealer for an estimate. You can also research the value on an online auction site.


Answer by  Glueman (106)

The value of any old train sets depend on just a few factors. The first factor is age and as always the older the more value. The next is condition and the better the look the better the value. Hope this helps.

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