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Question by  katie69 (12)

How do I find out if my vehicle has a fed tax lien on it?

I would like to learn more about a fed tax lein on my car.


Answer by  Scootron (112)

First, you should have received some notice from the IRS before a lien was filed. If you suspect there is a federal tax lien on your property, you should be able to locate this in the county clerk's office at your local courthouse.


Answer by  grannypat2 (26)

If you have a loan against your car you can call your loan company and ask them if the Federal Goverment has a lien on your car.


Answer by  balapriya (85)

Once the IRS federal tax lien is registered, then the IRS has now become a secured creditor... vehicle or other types of loans very difficult. ... It is prudent to seek out the advice of IRS tax specialists for IRS tax liens. ... but "Joe Public" may stray away if he sees my title and lien release...

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