Question by  Kaleigh (20)

How do I find hidden files on XP?


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

Go into windows explorer and look under tools, folder options, and then select the radio button for "Show Hidden and System Files". You can then run a search (also make sure the search has the "hidden files and folders checkbox checked.


Answer by  radualex90 (236)

If you want to find hidden files on Xp you have to go to :Start->Control Panel->Folder Options and then check the box wher eit say's "show hidden folders" and click apply.The next step is going to the search option and entering the name of the file you want to find.


Answer by  Bub (44)

First you have to Show the hidden files by going to Windows Explorer and go to tool > folder options > view> hidden files and folders and select the button that says, "Show hidden files and folders". Then go to Windows Explorer again and click the "Search" tab and search for the file you want.


Answer by  DreamScaper (354)

Open a folder, click folder options, go to view and scroll to find "display hidden files" Click that and make sure you change to apply to all folders.


Answer by  TechGod222 (37)

Open my computer. Click on tools then click folder options. Choose the second tab "view" Then select "view hidden files or folders". Now you can see hidden files.


Answer by  Madhiarasu (14)

Go to the Start Up Menu and go to the Control Panel, In the Control Panel click Folder Options. Select the View tab in the Folder Options. Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.


Answer by  BubbaGump71 (21)

Go into your explorer (windows key + E), and go to tools, then find the properties tab. Go to View, and then "Show Hidden files and folders". Apply, done!


Answer by  kiaeskandari (24)

right click on folder click on properties and down option you can see the hidden box click it and after click apply ok thats it


Answer by  mandriloquai (324)

Within WinXP, open any explorer window. Go to the Tools menu and select Folder Options. This will open an extra window. Select the View tab and browse to Hidden Files and Folders. Make sure you select the radio button for "Show All Hidden Files and Folders". Click OK to show.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I think the options to show hidden files on XP is under the folder options. Open my computer and look for a view tab. Then look for a box that say show hidden files. Select it and apply.

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