Question by  monkeysue (121)

How do you find the Windows XP professional cd product key?

I need basic directions in locating the windows xp professional product key as I am not very computer literate.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

The product key or "CD key" can usually be found either on a sticker on the side of your computer, or on the Windows disk itself if you have one. If you cannot locate the key in either of these places, you may need a computer pro's assistance.


Answer by  abc25 (196)

First check the back of the computer or bottom of the laptop for a Windows XP sticker label. Or look through your computer manual and software package for it.


Answer by  irishlamma (37)

The cd key is usually located on a sticker that came with your computer or the manual that came with the operating system.


Answer by  pcguy (307)

The windows XP product key is located on a sticker on your computer or the information booklet provieded with your software. Look for something flashy.

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