Question by  f (72)

How do I file a pro se, or uncontested, divorce in Alabama?

My wife and I are ready to end our marriage. What steps should we take to start filing for divorce?


Answer by  malone (4817)

"Pro se" does not mean uncontested. "Pro se," is Latin for "for oneself," meaning that the individual chooses to represent himself in court, be his own attorney. "Uncontested" means that neither party challenges the other in the action.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

You can go to home depot and get a divorce kit, it is in the office supplies. Cost of that is about 40 dollars. The package is fill in the blank. Both of you just fill out the package go to the courthouse, pay to file the papers and sign them in front of a notary. It is easy.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

If you are both living in the same county and plan to file uncontested, no attorney is needed. Contact Family Law division of courthouse and request Application for Divorce. Complete the paperwork, with both parties signature pleading no contest and submit. You should receive a court date within 90 days and appear before the judge for the divorce decree.


Answer by  bubbagump (94)

First, one of the litigant must have been a resident of Alabama during the last six months. Alabama does not require you to prove "fault" so you can divorce for almost any reason. You will need the following documents to: a Certificate of divorce; form CS 47; Complain; Answer; Testimony and; Decree


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

You will need to go the courthouse in the county where you currently reside. Ask the Prothonotary for the paperwork for a uncontested divorce. It should take about 6 months.

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