Question by  Omegaspectral (26)

How do I file a property transfer order?

I'm going through a divorce and need to know what this transfer entails. I'd like to transfer the house and property into my name before the divorce is final.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Not sure about this one, transferring property as part of separation agreement would usually provide for such transfer so that at time of divorce this is done. Filing changes in ownership of house and property would have to be filed in your county.


Answer by  colshan (63)

My house and property should all be in my name. I need to remove my spouse's name from the documents. What are the applicable documents, and what do I need to do to file them. Are forms available online? Also, do I need to have my spouse's signature in order to file the transfer?


Answer by  horace007 (14)

Go to the county Clerk's office, have them pull the deed. Make sure the deed is free of all encumbrances before having them remove her name from the deed.


Answer by  nila (143)

you can consult your lawyer to transfer propety in your name legally. there is no problem in transferring though the is running. it is better to do with legal guidance

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