Question by  Yosei (11)

How do I double space in Word Perfect 10?


Answer by  Mike69 (32)

There are two ways to complete this task. You may right click anywhere in the document and select paragraph format. Then under line spacing you can choose double. Or you may choose to choose the paragraph format option from the top menu.


Answer by  leapyearboy (32)

At the top of the window go to format, then click format then paragraph, then change the line spacing option to double


Answer by  killermike (176)

There will be an option available for selecting automatic double spacing upon entering the tools and options portion of the program tabs.


Answer by  parthiban (3)

That means that there should be space between the sentence so after you finish a sentence if you start the next one a newline then you should leve one line blank or press enter twice using file menu you will have line option choosing this is a little arrow next to line which produces more choices one of which

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