Question by  Natalie (30)

Can I create and print a postcard on Word 2003?

I want to send my own postcard, but all I have is Word 2003. Do they have a template for that?


Answer by  MehulHathi (50)

Microsoft Word 2003 does not have an inbuilt template for Postcard. You can create a template of your own by designing one and saving it as a template and using it as and when required. You can also download the template from the microsoft website as well if you wish.


Answer by  avak (19)

Go to Tools, Letters and Mailings, click on Envelops and Labels. Choose Label tag. On label products choose Other/Custom, click on Options then New label. Change Label Height and Width. Number across and down should match the paper size. Name your label. Click on OK, again OK. Click on New Document. Design your postcard and print it out.


Answer by  JonathanD (17)

There are postcard templates for office on the MS office website. You must ensure the printed card is the correct size. Maximum size is 6' long X 4 1/4' high, minimum size is 5' long X 3 1/2'.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

Word 2003 will not help you with that, i recommend a dedicated software for this for which you may have to pay. Some popuar free soft sites are , , . Your search should begin there. I'm sure you'll easily find what you need, but you may have to spend a little time to master that program.

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