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Question by  RickyRoss (27)

How do I determine if a caterpillar is poisonous?

I have several caterpillars in and around my home,. I also have small children and wold like to ensure that they are safe.


Answer by  WordUser (50)

Do a web search for "poisonous caterpillars" and then add your area. That should lead you to sites with descriptions and photos. Or do a similar search at your library.


Answer by  shari (52)

When caterpillars are brightly colored with protrusions, that look like spikes or fur, they should be avoided. Although not all have the spikes that can deliver a poison, its better to take no chances. I am not as sure about smooth bodied caterpillars, but would also avoid all caterpillars and get them away from the areas where small children live

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