Question by  Jesssikkkaa (1)

How can I determine what my child will look like?

i want my child to have long brown curly hair, tanned and sea blue eyes. i have strawberry blonde hair, grey eyes, and a tiny few freckles how can i make this happen?


Answer by  Anonymous

you cant. you shouldnt worry about what your child will look like. love your child unconditionally and they will love you back. more importantly, grow them up to be a good person. thats what you can make happen. thats beutiful.


Answer by  lynn (821)

you can not make this happen. You are talking about genetically engineering a child to meet your specifications and there is no way to do it. the best thing is if you get the other parent to have dark curly hair and both their parents to have curly hair, and dark skin and blue eyes. good luck with this.


Answer by  easif (38)

It depends on the apperances of your husband,your father,mother,yor husbands mother and your husbands father because that will determine the GENE set or genome you people have so will be transfered to your child. I predict your baby will have apperances either yours or your husbands depending who has lioved more in villages.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is impossible, with current technology, to accomplish your goal. If your partner has the features that you seek, it will increase the odds but it is still quite random. Latent genes can cause children to look differently from either parent. Genetic engineering has not reached the stage where these features can be customized, either.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I don't want to be harsh, but you should be proud if your child takes after you. To me you are are trying to create something. You should be focused that the child is healthy and happy. I work with handicapped people who wished they could walk. Don't be so selfish.

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