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Question by  heatherh (33)

How can I determine if my RV inverter is bad?

I have a feeling the inverter on my RV has gone bad but have no idea how to determine if it has.


Answer by  chazeloff (324)

If it has power coming in then check it with a volt ohm meter to see if voltage is coming out.


Answer by  LisaLisa (122)

You need a Multimeter to test. Test the Battery voltage, should be steady 12-14volts. Check the Battery fuse to the inverter. check the inverter fuses. Check for broken wiring.


Answer by  electroman (337)

You first need to check and see if the inverter is getting the proper input voltage from the battery, which should be 12 volts. Next, check the output of the inverter which should be 110v. You can buy a cheap voltmeter at Radio Shack.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

DC-voltage should be 12 to 15 volts BEFORE your-RV-inverter, either at RV-inverter's-input-terminals or across your-secondary-batteries'-terminals. With your-gasoline/diesel-generator OFF & RV "un-plugged" from AC; your RV-inverter-output should read either 120 or 240 volts-AC. Commonly (rather than bad-RV-inverter), the secondary-batteries fail or a circuit-breaker/fuse blows.

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