Question by  muguet27 (16)

How do I demonstrate my great communication skills on a resume for a call center?

Resumes aren't conducive to displaying superior grammar talents.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

List prior customer service experience, especially any prior call center work, receptionist, secretarial or public relations work. Telemarketing, telesales and appointment settings also count. Experience in which you used your voice to communicate with the public shows you have the necessary skills.


Answer by  DWoody1 (75)

The best way to demonstrate your superior, polished communication skills is not only in your skills section, but throughout the entire resume. Use colorful, descriptive language to illustrate your experience and education and focus on those experiences that required frequent interaction with the public--waiter, front desk, etc.


Answer by  mediajunkie (592)

If you have previous call center or customer service experience, list it under achievements of your previous job, for example "consistently praised by supervisor for excellent communication skills."

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