Question by  jkperrongmailcom (19)

How do I deal with my elderly mom that is always putting me down?


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Talk to her calmly and rationally, but also understand that she has been around for awhile and is pretty set in her ways. She may react defensively. Nothing may change. But you'll never know unless you confront her about it.


Answer by  Deedles (6)

Sit down and calmly discuss the topic with your mother. Let her know how you feel when she puts you down. Maybe tough love was all the rage in her day, but life's too short. Resolve the friction now so that you can enjoy each other's company without a headache.


Answer by  liblue (683)

Generally extra patience is needed with elderly parent. If you have a negative history with that parent you may need help and times away if possible. Geriatric specialist can help you with emotional wupport.


Answer by  annewright (318)

There may not be much hope for your elderly mom to change long habits of behavior. You need to accept that you have to find support and confidence from other sources if she cannot provide it. When she puts you down, try to ignore the words and concentrate on loving her and remaining confident in yourself.


Answer by  draiman1515 (156)

If your mom is getting on in age, and constantly being making you feel bad, you can just let her have her say and move on. But you can also let her know how her comments make you feel. Honesty is always the best policy, even when it hurts.

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