Question by  kris4000 (1)

Is there any chance of my wife coming back to me if I think her mom brainwashed her against me?

We were into a relationship for over 7 years. Since I moved abroad, she left lonely and we had to get divorced due to her parents. She could not move with me due to her studies. She was in touch untill a few days back, not now! Any hope?


Answer by  mnmas (238)

There is always a chance. If you want her back, then go to her and tell her this. Be original, tell her from the heart. Don't let anything deter you if she is the one for you. Explain how you feel and offer ways to remedy any past wrongdoing.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

I would say that ther eis not much hope if she has not contacted you for days. You cold try though by calling her and telling her how you feel. Don;t not speak ugly about her mother - just try to tell her the truth. She may have moved on since you are divorced.


Answer by  sarah39 (91)

Perhaps your wife leaving you has less to do with your mother in law and more to to do with the fact you are living separately. Separation does not make the heart grow fonder and in this case may have caused her to revaluate the relationship. Do not worry about "mom" just take small steps. Call her first.


Answer by  lynn (821)

i would say the chances are slim but possibly if you were to move back you could win her over it depends on if she loves you still and there is no way for me to know that for sure. but sometimes parents are a big obstacle when it comes to relationships. good luck with everything.

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