Question by  Vanz (20)

How do I care for my creeping red fescue grass?


Answer by  Allison115 (31)

Creeping Red Fescue grass does not need much care. It needs little to no fertilizer or supplementary water, and is drought resistant. A light top-dressing of compost is sufficient.


Answer by  Tmathews (10)

Apply a starter fertilizer when seeding. The grass should begin to sprout within 6-8 weeks. Don not mow until a good cover is established. Clip them when mowing. Once full cover is established, the weeds can be mowed together with the grass.Mow it at 3/4 inches every week. Lastly, it will also do fine with grazing cows. Hope this helps.


Answer by  lpfirman (403)

Similar to other fescues, it does best in partial shade and well watered. Just trim or train it in the areas or shape that you want.


Answer by  Turgon (41)

CReeping Red Fescue Grass is mostly a low maintenance grass, ideal for lawns that do not get too hot, or for shady areas. Just care for it like you would any other grass, just be sure to make high cuts.


Answer by  Nanthawat (131)

Creeping Red Fescue grass is very hardy, they are drought, shade, cold tolerant but the thing that might damage them, like most grasses, is foot traffic.

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