Question by  patchaikannan (13)

How do I become a foreclosure inspector?

Unfortunately foreclosure inspector seems to be a growing career.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Foreclosure inspector is either a position within the lender's organization or a freelance position. The requirements of the position are determined by the company that is engaging the services.


Answer by  severaltimes (247)

Becoming a foreclosure inspector usually begins with a career in real estate. Experience in purchasing and evaluating the value of real estate is essential to this field. Certification is also essential and varies by state. Insurance companies and lending agents may have openings for foreclosure inspectors.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

You'll need general knowledge about home construction and repair; it helps to have experience as a building contractor or insurance adjustor. Depending on where you live, you may need to take the National Home Inspector Examination and be licensed. If you meet the requirements, prepare a resume and offer your services to banks, mortgage brokers and similar companies.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

This is pretty much by the numbers. You fill out the proper forms for schooling and courses. You submit for a background check. When all done apply for foreclosure jobs.


Answer by  jessicak13 (26)

It takes several years to become certified, and there is a lot of testing involved. You have to pass Federal, state and county building code test. Your county (who licenses you) housing authority would know when/where the next testing is if you are already qualified. You do not just fill out an application and Viola! You are a Housing Inspector.


Answer by  Sararu (27)

Do some research on the web. Try doing a search for the career you are interested in. There are schools available that will train to help you become a foreclosure inspector.


Answer by  victoire (161)

Contact your local real estate office, college extension programs, or check if online certification is available for a licensed foreclosure inspector.


Answer by  animallover (12)

i assume to become an foreclosure inspector you will have to be able to go into the home and ensure that the home is safe to resell. When you forclose the banks end up with the home.


Answer by  anelson43 (0)

I have already passed both the National and Indiana state required test. I have been doing inspections since 2008 and have 50 plus years in the construction industry in both residential and Commerical i s there other rerquirements that are need to meet your qualifications

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