Question by  Samothrace (59)

How do Huggies compare to other brands of nappies?

I can't find a lot of information.


Answer by  Debi68 (70)

I find they do not compare to Pampers very well, but they are better than most store brands I've tried. I find they don't fit as well and they cause skin irritations and leakages. They do not offer larger sizes, for the bigger babies/toddlers. They do have a nice smell when you open the package, unlike the store brands.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

Huggies are better than most other brands of diapers. They do a great job of absorbing and my son has never gotten diaper rash from Huggies. They also feel like a diaper and not cloth.


Answer by  amm870 (57)

Huggies are great, but one of the more expensive brands. Thankfully they are generous with coupons and have a buyer rewards program on their web site. With my youngest son, they were they only diapers he could wear that would not give him really bad diaper rash.


Answer by  tadpole (468)

Huggies is one of the best ones. Loves is also great. Huggies hugs the bottom and is great about keeping leaks at bay. It also holds a lot of fluid.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Huggies in my opinion, have the best nappies of any brands out there, with Pampers being a close second to them.

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