Question by  Shannah (28)

How does Almay cosmetics compare to the better known brands of Mabelline and Revlon?

I am considering switching to Almay cosmetics and need to know how they compare for someone with skin allergies.


Answer by  EmilyRose (34)

I have been a long time fan of Revlon, and so I know that the brand is very reliable. But, Almay is considerably comparable. My favorite cosmetics from Almay has to be the eye shadows-- they don't irritate my sensitive eyes, like Mabelline's eye products. Also, Almay has a nice neutral color selection.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Almay has been around for a long, long time and is known for it's for its hypo-allergenic formulation. Maybelline and Revlon spend millions each month on print and broadcast adverts. That's why they are "better known," not because they are actually any better.


Answer by  eric1980 (371)

Almay is perfect for someone with skin allergies. Maybelline and Revlon I have used and think they overall provide great coverage. But Almay would be better for your skin.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

Almay does have a high quality line of makeup and several choices for hypo allergenic makeup. In comparison to Maybelline and Revlon the Almay caters more to the allergy affected people by offering more natural and mineral products in their line of foundation and powder products. All in all I would recommend Almay.


Answer by  nikkeeb (111)

Almay is primary made for people with sensitive skin or allergies, whereas Maybelline and Revlon (and most other brands) are not. If this is your main concern, Almay is definitely going to be better for you.


Answer by  bingo (66)

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