Question by  Catherine13 (16)

How difficult is it for someone who has served 50 years in prison to get back to society?

My brother was just sentenced to 50 years in prison and I am curious to his chances of every re-entering society.


Answer by  katmandu (190)

Very difficult, it is known as being institutionalized. He will need much support to reintegrate and reduce the chance he will reoffend, perhaps even from a professional.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It is EXTREMELY difficult. When you are out of society for that long you miss out on things like the ways of life and even things like new laws. It's hard to get a job because you're so shell shocked from being cooped up in prison for so long and most people become anti-social.


Answer by  Anonymous

Lifers can be considered for escorted days out to help them reintegrate into society. There are Lifer reviews where the risk of reoffending is assessed to re-cat prisoners towards open conditions. Many professionals assist in reducing that risk. Each case is different. Search the web for info too. Visit him.

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