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Question by  Cris (29)

How complicated is it to untie tubes?

I got my tubes ties 5 years ago and now I want them untied.


Answer by  saragrey (13)

It is a big decision to have your tubes untied, as it can be a risky procedure and is not guaranteed to be successful. Talk to your doctor.


Answer by  ljh (151)

It depends. Tubal ligation (having fallopian tubes "tied") can be reversed if enough fallopian tube remains. Different types of ligation leave different amounts of tube. Take your records to your doctor so that she can help determine this. In vitro fertilization may be another option for you to have a pregnancy with your egg and partner's sperm.


Answer by  Simon (54)

This is a very complicated operation. There is the possibility of scar tissue seriously compromising the surgeons ability to properly tie the ends together. You will be laid up for a few weeks after this operation. There is no guarantee of a future pregnancy.


Answer by  katestar (169)

It isn't a complicated procedure, but there are risks to any sort of invasive surgery. They would have to cut you open and go in to revesre the surgerical procedure.


Answer by  ewam (403)

Honestly, I hear it's more difficult for women then men. Actually, I hear it's pretty easy for men to get their tubes untied.


Answer by  Candace (159)

It is not that complicated to untie tubes I looked it up and found stores of women who have it done. There is women that successfully have kids after.

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