Question by  tnfox (23)

What does a tube worm look like and where do they live?

I need more information on the tube worm for a report that I am doing.


Answer by  RA99 (76)

Tube worms are marine invertebrates. They live on the bottom of the Pacific ocean (at very deep depths) and can tolerate extremely high temperatures. They do not contain a digestive tract and have few predators because they live so deep in the ocean.


Answer by  mmhotdog (25)

Tube worms live on the ocean floor. They are a pale tubular, invertebrate animal with a plume on the top. They come in various sizes.


Answer by  HH (404)

Tube worms look just as the name suggests, a long tube up to a length of 3 feet. They live on the ocean floor next to hydrothermal vents, where hydrogen sulfur (H2S) comes out of the earth. This H2S is used by bacterial symbionts in the worm and converted into energy. The worm does not have a mouth or anus.

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