Question by  AliciaR (30)

How common is it for a woman to lose hair or go bald?


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

It is fairly common for a woman to lose hair. It is not to common to go completely bald unless you have a condiction that causes baldness.


Answer by  hotnesspersonified (16)

From what I know, it's rare. I haven't seen a woman go bald unless it was due to a medical condition. Ordinarily, hair has a tendency to thin out with age. They also thin during spring and autumn. However it's not severe enough to lead to baldness. If its thinning out that fast I suggest you seek medical advice quick!


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It is as common for a woman to lose hair or go bald as it is for men. It depends on the genetic programming of the hair thats why when they do a hair transplant they take hair from the back and transplant it to the front. Most of the time the nape hairs are programmed not to fall out.


Answer by  carm3llo (55)

It is very common for women to lose hair to some degree as they age (usually beginning in their thirties). Baldness in women is more uncommon.


Answer by  hpowers1990 (81)

I think that it is just as common for women as it is for men to go bald, especially if you already have it in the family. Balding can be hereditary in a woman's case.

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