Question by  asg (11)

How can you scare someone?

I need to get somebody back who scared me. I need something good.


Answer by  AdamG (137)

It depends what they did; a letter from the state attorney general's office, which is usually the (US) state's Consumer Protection Office, works. I shut a bank's VP up with letters from a lot of people--who all received identical letters from. Have it well-written, though. False info = felony.


Answer by  catboxxy (182)

Links to videos where faces pop up in the middle of the video and a loud scream occurs. Tapping on their window softly in the middle of the night. Be careful that they aren't packing heat if you go for the latter, however.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

well i like fake blood just pick a good time and when you know that person is going to come over then you mess up the house like someone broke in then lay on the floor with a lot of fake blood on the floor and all over you so they think you are hurt bad


Answer by  Aya (797)

The best time to scare someone is when they are sleeping; be sure to wait long enough that they forget you owe them a scare. There is the classic air horn, but a more fun scare involves silently lifting the covers and pouring fake blood (realistic looking) all over their stomach, then wake them. Fun.


Answer by  Anonymous

grab ice water and pore it on them and hide and say there name and then flicker the lites off and on and then hide ad then toch them with them out seeing you and then scream like a deamen next make the door open and close and then slapthut


Answer by  thangam (95)

Every body scared easily in night time so,record the fearful sounds and then play when he/she in a deep sleep but, not try this idea for any patient.

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