Question by  eldergeek (473)

How much scaring should you expect from a lumpectomy?

I am scheduled for a lumpectomy in the near future and am concerned that I will have excessive scaring.


Answer by  Bubba49 (177)

The degree of scarring should be minimal. Postoperative complications could increase scarring but are not expected with this simple procedure.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Scarring can vary a lot from person to person and even along the same scar. In my experience using pressure bandages and following doctor's orders about creams helps a lot.


Answer by  JojoCircus (34)

I had a lumpectomy AND axillary lymph node removal about 6 months ago. This involved one incision in my armpit, which is barely noticable since the surgeon cut in the direction of the natural folds, and a seperate incision on my breast near the lump. The scar on my breast is slightly longer than an inch.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

The scarring is usually minimal for a lumpectomy unless the surgeon finds that the cancer has spread to other areas and has to take out more tissue than anticipated.

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