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Question by  saraphillips (268)

How can someone stop the fingernail biting habit?


Answer by  Leonte (76)

I think there's a solution or something. You buy it from pharmacies and aply it to your nails, and it's suppose to have a nasty taste when you bite your nails. If you can't find that, I think hot peppers might work, but the effect lasts less time.


Answer by  mascota (639)

Cut their nails really short so there will not be much to bite. You can buy special varnish to apply to the finger nails. It tastes disgusting so ,in theory, should discourage the person from biting their nails.


Answer by  AverageJoe (6)

It is all about will power. You must motivate yourself to stop. Set a goal or reward. Say that you won't bite your fingernails for a week and then you will go to a fancy restaurant. Also, seek help from friends and family. They can watch you and keep track of you situation.

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