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Question by  flconner (62)

How can I use the color brown with my French country design?

This is for my kitchen.


Answer by  user71 (796)

French country design is typically contains lighter colors. I would suggest using the color brown namely in the accets. Perhaps curtains with brown highlights or brown cannisters on teh counter or brown rugs on the floor.


Answer by  Anita14 (149)

The wide range of brown tones is a natural fit for a French country design theme. Rustic cabinets and aged ceiling beams are one of the ways the warm tones of wood can be introduced. Floor tiles in a cream and brown checkerboard pattern would lend a charming bistro touch.


Answer by  slkunz2003yahoocom (836)

Incorporate a brown and white (or cream) toile print for curtains or table runner. Use chocolate brown for an accent wall or half-wall with chair rail.


Answer by  decor (23)

Brown is a versatile color and a great accent for whites and beiges. Paint a brown line border on your cabinetry or a thick line border on your wall.

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