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Question by  skaidelpirata (8)

How can I unclog my dishwasher drain?


Answer by  scotttorino (25)

Unclog your dishwasher by placing some baking soda in the drain, pour some vinegar into the drain. Baking soda and vinegar will fizzle and break up detritus in the drain.


Answer by  gmspence (26)

Hair removing cream designed to remove unsightly hair from ladies lips dissolves food waste / sweetcorn kernels and even hair remarkably well.


Answer by  TBone (19)

Dishwashers can be uncloged in a number of ways. Your course of action will vary depending upon the texture and media of the clog. If it is a buildup of soft food, you can use common clog cleaner, and some people have found success using a wire hangar. Dishwasher drains can also be easily be replaced at a low cost.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Check the manual and take the housing apart. Get a shop vac and put the hose on the clogged area and hope for the best.

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