Question by  suejanesmith (76)

How to unclog a double sink drain?

I need to unclog my double sink drain.


Answer by  sony448 (100)

All you need to do is use a long, slightly flexible, metal rod or wire and stick it down the drain. This will push out what's usually clogging the drain and unclog it. You can also try to pick out what's clogging the drain with the rod or wire instead of pushing the stuff down.


Answer by  waskasoo (471)

If only one sink is clogged, you should be able to physically clear the drain. If neither sink will drain, the clog is further down the pipe. Depending on the pipe material, you might be able to use chemical clog buster, or may need to use a drain snake.


Answer by  TheRealPlumber (249)

You need to get dirty, remove the tail piece piping under your sink all the way back to the trap. First check the trap for grease build up if that is not the issue you must use a hand or electric snake to free the clog.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First read what you can use for your pipe. There is different drain openers for Plastic pipes and copper. Then wear rubber gloves. Put in the drain cleaner let set cover one of the drains and plunge. This can be dangerous, so be sure your eyes are covered with glasses.


Answer by  billyb (562)

your double sink should have one drain pipe for both sinks. you need to find the blockage and remove it.

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