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Question by  whatreality (19)

How can I transfer music from cassette to a pc?


Answer by  dx10 (144)

Connect the 'Out' of a cassette player to your PC's 'Line in' or 'Stereo Mix' jack. Press Play on the deck. Use a program like Audacity to record.


Answer by  sairamesh100yahoocoin (223)

just put the cd in to your cd driver, then copy the all music in cd driver, then paste the entire music to your hard disc.


Answer by  Sigfried (35)

Play the cassette in front of your PC and record from the PC microphone. Save the file in an audio format compatible with your MP player.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

Use a 3. 5mm cable, plug one end into the playback device, and the other into the computer. Then use a program like Goldwave to record the audio.


Answer by  TheTide (72)

You need is a cable connecting the headphone output of the player to the line-in of your pc's soundcard. Record the audio with an app like Audacity.

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