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Question by  kampearson (95)

How do you remove a jammed cassette tape?

I have a cassette tape that is jammed in my cassette player in my car.


Answer by  mickeydurkin (27)

Most of the time the tray will get stuck in the play position because of gear error. The first step is to pry a strong flat object under the tape. Tape the eject button in so the radio will try to eject the tape. Lastly, use a flat head screwdriver or equivalent to work the tape loose.


Answer by  peters (296)

The best way is to get a curved implement and try to get in underneath the tape. When you push the eject button pry lightly up and it should eject.


Answer by  preetha (49)

Remove radio from the dash first and then the outside of the case to get a hold of the tape. Use a screwdriver on the bottom and pull upon with a needle nose plier and get it out. Or you could hold on eject or rew/fwd button while using these.


Answer by  les59 (852)

Worst case scenario you'll have to replace the entire cassette player, but you should be able to pry out the cassette and cut the tape.


Answer by  hrmjay (21)

Using a flat screwdriver gently lever the tape upwards. Grip the tape with a pair of neelde nose pliers and pull outwards. Alternatively, hold either the REW and FF buttons or the eject button down. When the tape rises grip the tape with a needle nose plier and pull outwards.


Answer by  OmasatoJigoku (128)

There is no easy way of removing it, short of breaking something you really don't want broken. Though from experience, removing the tape deck from the dashboard and having the tape removed from the deck manually will usually be what has to be done. Installed in the car, there is really only so much that can be done.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

you need to remove the cassette player from the car and see if you can remove the top of the player to un jam the cassette, many time the cassette material gets wrapped up on the post and causes the jam

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