Question by  ellie61 (478)

How do you transfer music to a pps?

I need to transfer music from my computer to a power point display and am having a hard time doing so.


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

All you have to do is go to the top and choose the option "insert" then scroll down and click on "sound" it should then give you the option to browse your PC and upload an audio clip. Another option and an easier one would be simply to drag the audio file and drop it in the power point.


Answer by  thorsdecree (409)

Newer versions of PowerPoint support drag-and-drop of sound onto the powerpoint slide. You can right click the music icon and set it to play how you like, and to hide the icon during the presentation. Alternatively, you can file -> import sound I _think_ this works with PowerPoint. I use OpenOffice, but they're very similar. Should work with PowerPoint.


Answer by  Bobby50 (82)

Transfering music to power point presentation is little defficult job to do. I am not sure that you transfer music to pps. But you can add animation and some music in pps. It can be done by using this option, this option will work even in OPEN OFFICE also. Click the slide show for the drop down option.

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