Question by  Baja (19)

How do I transfer my retirement account to Vanguard?

I am going to be changing jobs soon and need to transfer my account but do not know the process to do so.


Answer by  cynosure (376)

First, set up a like account with Vanguard (IRA for IRA rollover) into which to roll the account. Then, speak with the benefits administrator at your current job to determine requirements (informational or otherwise) for a rollover. Finally, be sure you specify a rollover, not a disbursement - disbursements cause tax penalties to accrue.


Answer by  mommy5 (144)

For an IRA with your employer, you need to get their distribution paperwork. You also call the company you want to transfer to and open an account.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

Easy. Just call Vanguard they will send you the papers, via email if you wish, and all the instructions of where to sign. You will need the info from your present account. They will do all the rest.

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