Question by  tshaw2 (45)

How will I know if I have excessive swelling from my broken bone if I am wearing a cast?

I broke my arm last night and the doctor told me to watch for swelling.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Make sure there is no tingling in the fingers (like when your foot "goes to sleep"). The fingers should be warm and normally colored, not bluish or purple, which would indicate the cast being too tight from swelling. Any change in your hand or finger, call your doc immediately.


Answer by  Shelley34 (82)

If your cast is becoming uncomfortable and tight that would be the first indication that you are having excessive swelling. You can also check for bulging of your skin over the top of the cast, anything that would indicate that the cast might be to tight and cutting off circulation to the limb is an indication of too much swelling.


Answer by  tracyray38 (59)

You will feel the tightness on your arm underneath the cast. You need to go see a doctor about it, as the circulation will be cut off if it gets too tight. You can also take the recommended dose of Advil, as Advil will stop the swelling and make it go down.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

If your arm starts to feel really tight in the cast, you will have access swelling. Though I believe that you can check for swelling from your fingers looking bigger.

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