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Question by  CarExpert (23)

How can I prevent my male kitten from urinating around the house?

I have a male kitten that urinates around the house.


Answer by  Kemaeli (71)

Getting him neutered is the best option and you problem could be solved. Keep litter boxes around the house and praise him and give him a treat when he uses it. Could be stress, reassure him when there is a change in the household that affects him. Clean the area well so he doesnt feel the urge to urinate there.


Answer by  wj (646)

Cats spray to mark their territory - as the kitten grows and feels more at home, marking may naturally decrease. Ensure urine patches are thoroughly cleaned with a strong scented cleaner - cats will return to places where they can still smell their marks. Neutered males are also less likely to spray, as cats spray to show they're ready to mate.


Answer by  Alice17 (28)

If your kitten is not using his litter box, it's possible that he doesn't like the fragrance of the litter. Try changing litters and see if that helps.


Answer by  DecalDude (36)

You have a couple options to stop a male cat from urinating in the house. One thing you can do is to have your cat neutered. This should most definitely stop the problem. Alternatively you can buy a spray called "Feliway Spray. "

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