Question by  Bala (23)

How can I sue someone?

I was injured by a neighbor and I want to sue them for medical expenses.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

How much did your medical expenses cost? You can file a lawsuit in your local small claims court if the amount is modest. The small claims limit varies by state but it is usually between $3,000 and $10,000. For a larger amount, see an attorney specializing in accidents and injuries.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Depending on the amount you seek for medical expenses, you may be able to file the action in Small Claims. Each state has a different limit. You do not need an attorney to file in Small Claims.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Depending on how expensive your medical expenses were you may need to see a lawyer to bring a case against your neighbor. If it is under $500 you can take them to small claims court without representation. If it is over $500 you will need a lawyer to assist you.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

The best thing to do would be go through the yellow pages and find an attorney that offers free consultations and work from there. Remember though time is of the essence.


Answer by  John (9008)

You have to file a lawsuit. There are time limits to do so. The exact procedures and time frames vary tremendously from state to state. You should consult a lawyer right away.

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