Question by  racool (57)

How can I stop the deer, they are eating my shurbs?

The deer are eating my shrubs.


Answer by  Janet73 (78)

Your best bet is to make the shrubs unpalatable for the deer. You can buy hot pepper oil at the pet store, which can be sprayed on your shrubs, or make your own by soaking peppers in water for a few days. Be sure not to get any in your eyes, and reapply after it rains.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

You can buy deer repellent. Lots of times they will still eat your shrubs though. If you have a fence, build it taller and or electrocute it. Deer are very persistant and really are not that scared of things so its difficult to get them to leave when they find a good eating place. Remember this was their home first.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

There is a concoction made up of red cayenne, jalapeno, and habanero peppers. Run 3 of each through a blender, mix with water and spray on the plants.


Answer by  swtsu1 (59)

It might seem a little harsh, but it definitely works with cats. You can make a spray out of cayenne pepper/soap/water. Spray on shrubs.. Deer will never eat them again.

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