Question by  Tamara (41)

How can I stop squirrels from digging holes in my lawn?

I need to stop squirrels from digging holes in my lawn.


Answer by  mamafessler (11)

The best bet with keeping them from digging in the yard is mixing coyote urine in a spray bottle with a little water and spraying the yard. You can get the urine at most hunting/fishing specialty stores. You do have to respray after a rain though.

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I've tried that, and everything else, and NOTHING WORKED!  add a comment

Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Squirrels dig holes in lawns because they are looking for or hiding food. If squirrels are looking for food, you can stop them by no longer planting food plants. For example, planting daffodils will prevent squirrels from digging up your yard, since they do not eat daffodils. If this doesn't work, use mesh in your yard.


Answer by  rlgoard (84)

Maybe you should try putting out corn on the cob feeders. They may be digging looking for food. If thats not an option or desire you could call your local game warden and request they set out traps to catch them. The animal is not hurt and can be released elsewhere.

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