Question by  rayven8099 (199)

How do you remove caulk from glass window panes?

When my husband was caulking our windows yesterday he got caulk all over the panes.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well most caulk can usually bet scraped off once it has dried. You may need to cut a clean line to keep from removing all of it though.


Answer by  catneb (97)

You should be able to remove the caulk by using a razor blade or putty knife to scrape it off. You may need to use a heating gun on the caulk first to soften it, but do not melt the caulk. Follow up by cleaning remaining residue with window cleaner.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

You can use an xacto blade, or a straight edged razor blade to lightly scrape the excess caulk from the glass. Make sure it is fully dried, first.


Answer by  yoyo (20)

The best way to do this is to use a razor blade. Gentle scrape off the excess caulk with the blade and then wash the window with warm water and soap.

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